Eyelash Season – The Top of Lace Fashion

Eyelash lace is known as one of the top quality and expensive design in the lace market.

The name eyelash is coming from its 2 sides cutting edge which resembling eyelash, giving people the idea of how it is important to a lace design is what eyelash to eyes.


With several years marketing into the mass merchandise market, it is keep stable and conservative increase in sales due to its high cost. However, this year bring in the season for eyelash, for one thing, eyelash pattern bring new idea of beauty for lingerie, wedding dress and now even as the one of the main fashion garment accessory, for another, we are more skillful in production to avoid quality problem in a certain extent. Eyelash is now mature in lace market. With bigger production volume, the price is going down, which break the price obstacle and make eyelash avail for mass merchandise market that can be affordable for common user.


Different from any other lace or lace fabric. Eyelash are all sold by piece with 3 mts or 1.5mts per piece. For the lace trim , the eyelash to eyelash width can be 1cm-50cm while the border to border length is 3mts generally. As for the fabric, the eyelash to eyelash width is normally 75-150cm and length 3 mts border to border distance. Eyelash Composition is 100%nylon without lycra, and this is typical rigid lace from jacquardtronic machine. Mostly produced from Karl Mayer machine who can knit perfect details on lace.


Eyelash fabric 150*300 cm in size

about eyelash lace-1


Eyelash length is normally 5-10 mm. Handing clipping part bring delicacy.

about eyelash lace-2


Eyelash with scallop

about eyelash lace-3


Narrow eyelash lace

about eyelash lace-4


New designs coming!

about eyelash lace-5


Eyelash in fashion.

about eyelash lace-6


Cording eyelash lace for Bridal dress

With more and more eyelash application on the wedding. We start to make some improvement on the eyelash by cording it over the pattern, which make the eyelash heavier and more 3D effect, so that it can replace the traditional embroidery lace for bridal. Eyelash turn into cording eyelash so gorgeously that it launched the new bridal fashion.

Hence, Cording eyelash involve 2 part of production. One is eyelash knitting, the other is cording processing. If you have already learned about the new bridal fabric, or if you start hands on this business, congratulation that you are on the leading edge for lace fashion.

Cording eyelash fabric.

about eyelash lace-7


Cording details.

about eyelash lace-8


Cording eyelash trim.

about eyelash lace-9

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